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LEAP Resources

LEAP is dedicated to providing resources that LEAP attorneys can use to streamline their processes and save time. Below you will find a list of LEAP focused resources that you can use as you build your practice. You can also find a wealth of information about the practical aspects of legal practice in Orange County on the Legal Aid Society of Orange County Wiki.

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Unbundling / limited scope

If you plan to use limited scope (which you should), you absolutely need to check out Sue Talia’s website at http://www.unbundledlaw.org. She’s got an FAQ on unbundling, as well as risk management materials for family law and civil. The risk management materials include samples of fee agreements, representation agreements, change in scope letters, and closing letters, as well as checklists, client handouts, and a whole lot more. If you’re going to use limited scope at all, check out Sue’s excellent work. Now.

LASOC’s form library

We’ve cobbled together what passes for a form library, but it comes with absolutely no guarantee as to the quality or correctness of the samples contained within. They are EXAMPLES ONLY, meaning that you are not meant to blindly rely on them, nor are they a substitute for your professional judgment or opinion. As always, you should update any case law or statutory provisions and ensure that the sample is appropriate for what you’re trying to do.

Want to contribute? Great. Just click here to drop and drag files to the repository or select them from your computer. No account is required, though you need to enter a name and email address (but anonymized names and emails are fine too).

Got some feedback about the form library? E-mail incubator@legal-aid.com.

The State Bar’s form library

The State Bar of California also has a form library, including sample fee agreements.

Everything else

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