Project name:

O.C. Family Law Assessment Clinic

Project description:

The Family Law Assistance Clinic (FLAC) aims to guide clients through the challenging and overwhelming process of filing a dissolution or paternity action.  FLAC provides free legal assistance for low-income individuals through each step of the process, from filing petitions to preparing for hearings.  We provide on-going training and support to volunteers.  Then a dedicated team of pro bono attorneys, paralegals, and volunteers break down the complex law on the tough issues surrounding child custody and support, spousal support, and property division so clients can make the best choices for their families.  Clients also receive assistance on issues, such as serving a spouse whose whereabouts are unknown or filing RFOs when an adverse party holds up the dissolution process.  When possible, the pro bono attorneys accompany clients to court and represent them at their hearings and trials.

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