Project name:

O.C. Expungement Clinic

Project description:

expungement_clinicThe Orange County Clean Slate Expungement Clinic provides free legal assistance to eligible individuals who are seeking to clean up their criminal records. The clinic gives people a chance to get their records expunged in order to get a clean slate and get a job.

What’s an expungement anyway? An expungement dismisses an existing criminal conviction. Although the case record still exists, clients’ records no longer reflect being convicted of the expunged crime. That means that clients won’t need to say they were convicted on most job applications!

The clinic provides information about the expungement process, assistance with determining eligible convictions, and help with preparing the necessary documents. The clinic presents a unique opportunity to help individuals get back on their feet. At the Orange County Clean Slate Expungement Clinic, we believe that with each client we assist, we provide a fresh start for those in need.

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